Part of the strategic goals of the Youth Committee are to a. interest, develop, and prepare residents and the community’s youth as workers, advocates, and leaders in civic and community programs; and b. to encourage community organizations to sponsor, train, develop and mentor youth in civic work and operate a youth led civic association for the Marshall Heights community and adjacent areas that are without adequate representation.

The Youth Committee, lead by a Marshall Heights youth* representative, consists of members ages 24 and under that come together with the intent to empower, protect, and advocate for the community, with a particular focus on engaging, representing, and advocating for youth in the community. The Chair of the youth committee shall be included in the Board of Directors of the Association.

*For all intents and purposes, ‘youth’ is defined as persons under the age of 24 who reside within a household of a pre-existing member in the Marshall Heights community. Any youth member that does not cohabitate in a household that has a pre-existing member will be allowed to apply for full voting rights in the Association.