Fletcher-Johnson first opened its doors to students in January 1977 and served more than 1,000 students annually until it was closed in 2008. The facility also included an early childhood provision, a health center, and a community center. At 15.26 acres, it is the 4th largest plot of District-owned, developable land. Fletcher-Johnson is located in the Marshall Heights Community at 4650 Benning Rd SE, Washington, DC 20019.


About the Fletcher-Johnson Task Force

The Fletcher-Johnson Task Force is comprised of 13 representatives from Ward 7.

Keith R. Towery (7E), Chair, Marshall Heights Civic Association Representative
Natasha Dupee (7E), 1st Vice-Chair, Marshall Heights Civic Association Representative
Eboni Rose-Thompson (7F), 2nd Vice-Chair, Ward 7 At-Large Representative
Malissa Freese (7D), Secretary, Ward 7 At-Large Representative
Brandon Scott (7C), Treasurer, Ward 7 At-Large Representative
VACANT (7F), ANC7F Representative
Sharon Shanklin-Brown (7E), Benning Ridge Representative
VACANT (7E), Capitol View Representative
Earl Williams (7B), Ward 7 At-Large Representative  
VACANT (7D), Ward 7 At-Large Representative
Ebbon Allen (7E), Ward 7 At-Large Representative, FJ Alum Chair
VACANT (7F), Ward 7 At-Large Representative
Myron Smith (7E), Ward 7 At-Large Representative



The mission of the Fletcher-Johnson Task Force is to ensure that Ward 7’s community vision is the outcome of the Fletcher-Johnson site.


The vision of the Fletcher Johnson Task Force is to establish a unified group of Ward 7 leaders who will act collectively and stay directly involved in the Fletcher Johnson RFP and development process. To ensure that the development of the Fletcher-Johnson site is that of an economic hub to benefit Ward 7 specifically and District residents. As a group, we intend to represent the best interest of our Ward 7 communities as defined in our collective “community vision” statement. We intend to act as a unified front to ensure that our “community vision” is reflected in the RFP language, resulting award for development, and shepherd the project to completion.

Community’s 2017 collective vision for Fletcher-Johnson land use:

1. Comprehensive Performing Arts Space (i.e., THEARC or Atlas)
2. Community Meeting/Gathering Space
3. Post-Secondary Satellite Campus
4. Adult Technical Training
5. Medical Services (i.e., Urgent Care Center)
6. “Non-Traditional” Retail or Business Incubator Spaces
7. Market Rate Housing
8. Shared Office Spaces/Business Center (i.e., The Hive)
9. Membership Gym/Fitness Center
10. Bed & Breakfast facility (i.e., Malolo B&B)


Downloadable Files:

Fletcher-Johnson Timeline

February 2018 Fletcher-Johnson Declaration Letter

June 23rd Fletcher-Johnson Listening Session

Karl Racine’s OAG Legal Opinion (Review) Regarding “First Refusal Right Being Satisfied”

March 5th – Table Unknown

March 5th – Table 1

 March 5th – Table 2

March 5th – Table 3

March 5th – Table 5

March 5th – Table 6

March 5th – Table 7

March 5th – Table 8

March 5th – Group 9